DNS is one of those critical systems that never gets the attention it deserves. Every organisation relies on DNS. It is critical for the smooth operation of your business and yet, it's rarely considered as important as web and email. Your customers can’t find your corporate website or email servers without DNS, without DNS your business isn’t online. People shouldn’t be required to remember an IP address (something that's next to impossible with IPv6) just to access the corporate intranet!

Several days ago, Jared raised a Pull Request for Posh-SYSLOG to correct an issue with the module’s manifest. It seems that in version 3.0 of Posh-SYSLOG, I used the PowerShellHostVersion attribute of the module manifest and not PowerShellVersion to specify the minimum Powershell version. This wouldn't have created issues within a normal PowerShell session, but would have prevented the module from loading in VS Code (as Jared reported) or the ISE.