Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify and a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management. Kieran has over 10 years’ experience using automation and cloud technologies to deliver robust and secure infrastructure in the financial and managed services industry. Kieran describes himself as a jack of all trades; he has worked with PowerShell, Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange, System Center, and Azure.

In his spare time, Kieran is the maintainer of a number of PowerShell modules, supports Planet PowerShell the community PowerShell content aggregator and writes the Posh Security blog. Kieran is a regular speaker at a various conferences and user groups including Infrastructure Saturday, CrikeyCon, Azure Global Bootcamp and Experts Live.

Hi, I am Kieran Jacobsen. I am been lucky enough to work at a great company, Readify, as a Technical Lead for Infrastructure and Security. In this role, I get to interact with some amazing people including past and present Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Staff and our amazing customers.


I am happy for people to contact me, see the contact page for ways to get a hold of me.