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Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify, a Microsoft MVP and regular speaker at conferences throughout Australia.

Risky Business: Featuring ME! Kieran Jacobsen

Patrick Gray interviewed me for Risky Business on Wednesday, and on Friday, the whole world got to hear the result. You can find the interview here.

Here is a brief description from the site:

On this week's show we have a look at PowerShell, the Microsoft sorta scripting language admin thingy. As it turns out, PowerShell can be an attacker's best friend when it comes to lateral movement through a network. We'll chat with Kieran Jacobson about that in this week's feature interview. He did a cracker presentation at CrikeyCon where he demo'd owning a domain controller and dumping all its creds with something like five lines of PowerShell. I mean, there are caveats there, but wow... the demotime was food for thought.

I am still working on Video/Paper, and have also been side tracked on another super awesome use of PowerShell + WinRM.

Thank you all for all of your feedback over the past week!

PowerShell + WinRM = Get-WinRMPassword

Crikey, was CrikeyCon FUN!