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Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify, a Microsoft MVP and regular speaker at conferences throughout Australia.

Presenting at CrikeyCon 2015

I wanted to quickly let everyone know that I will be presenting at CrikeyCon again this year. Once again I am excited to be presenting, as well as nervous.

This year I will be doing something a little different from my usual presentations. This year I will be talking about the Hak5 USB Rubber Ducky. This is something I have wanted to show off and get more people interested in for a number of years, and am extremely excited by this opportunity.

My presentation this year will be shorter than usual, with only 15 minutes to perform a quick overview and some warm up demonstrations. I will then move to the events area along side my good friend Ash, and the always exciting Robert Winkel, where I will be showing off some more advanced demonstrations.

There is an amazing list of speakers again this year, and once again Patrick Gray will be the MC.

Last year, tickets sold out quickly, if you want to attend, then visit the Eventbrite page today to secure yours.

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