I am always interested in hearing from those who have read this site, heard me talk or are using some of my code. Like everyone in the IT industry, I get many messages, and my aim with this page is to help you get in touch with me. I will typically respond to all legitimate messages.

Things that I might not respond to:

  • Questions about hacking peoples accounts (including Facebook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Guest-post questions (be on Posh Security or other sites).
  • Link sharing.
  • Issues with PowerShell modules on GitHub - You should create an Issue for the appropriate module.

Things that I might respond to:

  • General PowerShell support issues. Try or Stack Overflow first.
  • Product reviews, sales, and marketing.
  • Messages that may not need a response.
  • Invitations for ME to apply for roles, or any time I put out information about opportunities at my Employer.

Things I will respond to:

  • Genuine queries about events and potential speaking engagements.

Twitter - @Kjacobsen

I broadcast everything relating to Posh Security, conferences, modules and more to the world via Twitter. This is by far the best and easiest way for people to get in touch with me. My DMs are open, and I typically respond to these promptly. Start here if you need to contact me, and we can always switch to email.

GitHub - PoshSecurity

If you have an issue with any of my PowerShell modules, raise an issue on GitHub first. I am more than happy to help, and raising it this way might help someone in the future!

LinkedIn - KieranJacobsen

My work background is all up on LinkedIn. I will only accept connections from people I work with, have met, spoken, or otherwise had a professional interaction with them. I will not accept requests from people I do not feel that I professionally know.

Keybase - kjacobsen

I have a Keybase account, which has my public key and several proofs to my identity. Use this key if you need to send me an encrypted message.


I have Signal, WhatsApp, Wickr, etc if that is needed, however I typically only use these on an as needs basis. I can be found on IRC in places.