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Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify, a Microsoft MVP and regular speaker at conferences throughout Australia.

Posh-SYSLOG version 3.1.1 has been released

Just a quick note to announce that I've released an update for my Posh-SYSLOG module, version 3.1.1.

The module fixes issues with PowerShell 4.0 support as reported by Cristiano Guadagnino (@Cris70) and Brian Napolitano (@bnapolitano). As always, a huge round of thanks goes out to the pair for discovering the issue, pointing me in the right direction to fixing the issue and testing the fixes.

Cristiano created an issue stating that the latest version (3.0.1) didn’t correctly load on PowerShell 4.0. Brian quickly pointed out that some of the changes made for the declaration of the enums was probably the cause of the issue.

I must apologise for the oversight on my part, mea culpa, I haven't been thoroughly testing my modules on older versions of PowerShell. I made two changes to resolve the issue:

  1. I've switched back to the original enum syntax as it's supported PowerShell 3 through to 6.
  2. I've removed the OutputType definition, as that appears to cause issues as well, and is a documentation only attribute.

Cristiano also pointed out that a few people use the Releases section of a GitHub project to source the PowerShell modules. I will ensure to keep these updated going forward.

You can get the updated version from GitHub, or better yet, the PowerShell Gallery.

Kieran Jacobsen

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