Kieran Jacobsen

Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify, a Microsoft MVP and regular speaker at conferences throughout Australia.

What’s Coming up with AzurePublicIPAddresses

Just a brief post to discuss the future of the AzurePublicIPAddresses PowerShell module.

I still believe there is a community need for this module, and as such, am going to continue to support it. The module fills some gapes in the Azure space, allowing for IT professionals to easily determine which addresses belong to each region. I have spoken to a few people who have used the module to help in managing their on-premises firewall rules, etc., they have spoke of how this module has helped them. I want to continue to support them. What is clear, is that I will need to invest some time in making some considerable updates to the module. These are to ensure that the module continues to function.

Microsoft has now flagged that the XML based Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP range files are now deprecated. They will stop updating these files on 2020-06-30. The new mechanism for getting updates is the Azure IP Ranges and Service Tags files. These are JSON formatted and include a break down of IP ranges by region and service. This opens more functionality to the users of the AzurePublicIPAddresses module, allowing the choice of IP ranges based on region and service. Another benefit is support for the US Government Cloud Regions.

I don’t expect it to take me a year to update the module, however with the file format changes, and some of the structural changes in the file, it might take a little effort to ensure that everything works as expected. The plan is to have a beta version available later in the year. My goal is to release version 2, with this and other updates, by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I will continue to support the current module, releasing updates when new regions are made available.

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