PowerShell Syntax Highlighting with SquareSpace

SquareSpace has been my blogging platform of choice since 2011. My biggest complaint with the platform has always been syntax highlighting. SquareSpace comes with some simple highlighting, but it only supports a few languages, certainly not PowerShell. Over the years I've tried everything from simply using bold and italic text, to using custom HTML and even embedded Pastebin and GitHub Gists. No matter what I tried, I was never happy with the result.

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Managing Windows Speculation Control Protections with PowerShell DSC

As part of their response to the Speculative Execution vulnerabilities, Spectre and Meltdown, Microsoft released updates for all supported systems. Microsoft made the decision to not enable these protections in Windows Server by default. It's up to you as the administrator to enable the protections.

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Posh-SYSLOG 3.2.1 has been released

In early January, Ben Claussen reported that there was a date formatting issue in Posh-SYSLOG, I've released Posh-SYSLOG 3.2.1 to address these issues.

When I initially developed Posh-SYSLOG, I didn’t correctly follow RFC 3164. The timestamps sent had a leading zero for dates less than 10, but the RFC states this should be a leading space. I don’t know how much this impacted some users, and apologise for any issues.

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